20th International Enamellers’ Congress – Istanbul /Turkey – 2005

Vitreous Enamel Steel in Architecture and Transport Infrastructure
Pinuccia Alemani, Francesca Iob

Reasons for Corrosion Damages of Segmented, Enamelled Tanks
B. Radomski, G. H. Frischat, P. Hellmold

Glass Ceramic Coatings for Ferrous Metals Protection
Lyudmyla L. Bragina

A New Process of Direct Enameling on Various Steel Grades Coated with Electro-deposited Nickel-Molybdenum Alloy
Fumiaki Sato, Yoshihiro Johno, Yoshikazu Kondo

The Role of Fluorine in Vitreous Enamels Benefits and Problems
Malcolm Heyes

Porcelain Enamels with a Metallic Appearance
Charles Baldwin and Louis Gazo

Enamels, Colour Matching Modelisation
M. Leveaux, V. Duchamp, Céline Junius, J. Gombert, K. De Greve, S. Teerlinck, M.-F. Perrin, D. Patou

Adherence of Vitreous Enamel on Cast Iron – a Never Ending Story
Jörg C. Wendel

Boiler / Water Heater Inside Coating with Wet Enamel
Hans-Jürgen Thiele

Problems and Answers Concerning Enamelled and Packed Heat Exchangers for Power Plants
Anton W.C.M. van Dijk

Vitreous Enamel Coatings for Protection of Heat Exchanger Steel Details
Lyudmyla L. Bragina, Gennadiy K. Voronov, Victoria V. Reznikova1, Natalia P. Sobol, Oksana V. Shaligina and Igor A. Zuban

The Enamelling of Aluminium with a High Content of Magnesium
Attilio M. Compagnoni , Angelo Ferraro

Plasma Enamelling: Effect of Feedstock Composition on Thermal Stress
Y. Bao, T. Zhang and D. T. Gawne

Experimental Optimisation of a Nickel Oxide Based Pre-treatment to Analyse Gas Bubble Distribution and Fishscale Resistance in Enamelled Steel
S. Ali, A. Hardwick and X. Yang

The Importance of Business Partnership in Sustainable Enamel Cost Reduction Application
Jack Nicholson

Steels for Enamelling Development Aiming at Global Cost Reduction and Environmental Processes, an Arcelor Contribution to the Competitivity of the Enamelling Industry
P. Gousselot, L. Duprez, P. Schouller Guinet, P. Harlet

Production of Enamelled Steel Bathtubs and Shower Trays by the Method of Applying Enamel Powders in Electric Field
Alfonz Moravcík, Martin Moravcík

Environmental – SEM (ESEM) Investigation of Enamels During Thermal Cycles: “in Situ” Observation of Bubble Growing and Softening
Giovanni Baldi, Alessio Antonini, Luciano Pellicci, Fabrizio Bruscoli, Gabriele Pasqualetti and Franco Bruni

Alain Aronica, Charles Baldwin, Brad Devine, Graham Rose

Evaluation of Bacterial Growth on Various Materials
Eckhard Voß, Christian Störch

Improvement of Enamel Surfaces by Sol-Gel Coating
Marta Krzyzak, Günther Heinz Frischat, Peter Hellmold

Thick Film Heated Oven with Low Energy Consumption
Helga Steinbrück, Dr. Srinivasan Sridharan, Petter Svanbom, Orville Brown, Dr. Sandrine Ringler, Keith Mason and Pieter Dijkstra

Functional Sol-Gel Coatings on Enamel Surfaces
Gamze Gül Avci, Volkan Günay

Calcium Phosphate Based Antibacterial Ceramic Powder Containing Enamel
Aydin Dogan, Aslan Gencer, Ceren Peksen, Savas Koparal , Filiz Bayrakci, Ayhan Çavusoglu and Salih Paytuncu

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