May 18th – 22nd 2008

The 21st International Enamellers Congress, organized by the China Enamelware Industry Association (CEIA) under the auspices of the International Enamellers Institute (IEI), was held from May 18th to 22nd in Shanghai, China. The assembly room was located in Shanghai Intercontinental Pudong Hotel. The event was attended by 235 delegates ( 117 foreign delegates coming from 17 countries and 118 local delegates). According to the congress procedures and contents, there were arranged various activities, such as: technical exchange, exhibition during the coffee break, factory visits, and post congress tour, etc.

The congress was opened on May 19th. Mr. Zhengfa Bu – vice minister of China National Light Industry Council – and Mr. Pagliuca, secretary-general of the I.E.I. – International Enamellers Institute delivered an opening speech. Hongbao LI, chairman of the 21st International Enamellers Congress, presided the opening ceremony. All the delegates stood in silent tribute for one minute to express their deeply sorry for the people dead during the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province. Two days (May 19th and 20th) were devoted to technical papers (23) other 10 papers displayed in the poster section.

The papers quantity and quality of the 21st International Enamellers Congress reached a new high level.
18 enterprises (10 overseas and 8 domestic enterprises) participated in the exhibition In their booths they showed equipments, technologies, products, and new application areas, which indicated the development trend of the worldwide enamel industry.
On May 21st, the congress arranged a factory visit for all the foreign delegates. It’s divided into five visit line and totally nine factories, which gave the delegates a warm welcome.
On May 22nd, the congress arranged one-day Hangzhou tour for the foreign delegates.
Various activities were arranged (welcome cocktail party, Huangpu river night tour, celebration dinner) to show the hospitality of the Chinese people and to promote the relations, the understanding, the mutual, information exchange and cooperation between the domestic and overseas enamel industry.
Mr. Pagliuca, secretary-general of the I.E.I, expressed his sincere appreciation to the hard work and kindness of the CEIA, that turned the event in a success.

Advances in High Performance Enamels
Charles Baldwin

Reactive Porcelain Enamel Coatings for Reinforcing Steel to Enhance the Bond to Concrete and Reduce Corrosion
Cullen. L. Hackler, Charles A. Weiss, Phillip G. Malone

Definition of a New Range of Porcelain Enamels with Antibacterial Characteristics and the Method of the Antibacterial Power Control
Luca Pignatti, Andrea Zucchelli, Raffaele Poletti, Greta Rossi, Alberto Chelli

Reduction or Elimination of Vanadium in Enamel for Aluminium
Attilio M. Compagnoni

Glassy surface functionalisation by nano-modified “Sol-Gel” technology
C. Schlegel

The Match Between Drawability and Enamelability of Cold-rolled Ultra Low Carbon Sheet Steels
Quanshe Sun, Weizhong Jiang

Silicate Enamels for Stainless Steel
Bianca Heid, Günther Heinz Frischat, Peter Hellmol

RealEase® Coating
Karine Sarrazy

Double Purpose Enamel Frit for Puesta Technology
Lyudmyla L. Bragina, Oksana V. Shaligina, Gennadiy K. Voronov, Yana A. Pokroeva, Viktor Z. Annenkov, Josef Pawlas, Gusenko Nikolay, Vitaly Hudyakov

Porcelain Enamels for Sanitaryware
Alain Aronica

Metallic Enamels of High Gloss, Smoothness and Color Effects
Naochika Iwata

New Surface Aspects of Enamelled Products
D. Jacobs

Study of the Photo-catalytic Enamels with TiO2 Film
Hui-chun Qian, Weizhong Jiang

Composite Enameled Steel Elements for Air Preheaters and Gas-gas Heaters: an Integrated Approach from Sheet Forming and Enamelling to Basket Assembly
A. Chelli, R. Poletti, L. Pignatti, F. Bruscoli, G. Pasqualetti, F. Bruni, A. Zucchelli, L. Rossetti, F. Lotti, G. Minak, V. Dal Re, S. Curioni

Chemically Resistant Enamel
Eckhard Voß (Dipl.-Ing.)

Current Status of Enameled Medium-pressure Reactor
Zheng Guidong

Powder Electrostatic Charge
Italo Quadri, Li Jane

2C/1F Enamelling Process – a Prowing Demand
Hans-Juergen Thiele, B. Riester-Alt

Development and Properties of Foam Enamels
K. Kanzler, G. H. Frischat, P. Hellmold, J. Schöttler, H. Mülle

Vitreous Enamel Coated Bolted Steel Tanks / Silos: Past & Future
V. Duchamp, K. Lips

Rheologie – Complex by Interaction
J. Wendel

EAS – European Acceptance Scheme for Construction Products in contact with Drinking Water
Silvano Pagliuca

Transfer Efficiency: Decisive factor in the application of electrostatic powders
Franco Bruni, Elisa Bombonato, Gabriele Pasqualetti, Fabrizio Bruscoli,
Mugnaini Cristiano, Li Jinli

A Comparative Study of the Properties of Low Carbon Aluminium-killed and Boron-microalloyed Steels for Enamelling
Éva Dénes, Judit Gergely, Ottó Szabados, Balázs Ver?

Lampart® Enamelling Technology in China
Emil Barta

Effect of the Microstructure of Al-Killed Low Carbon Enamel-Grade Steel Sheets on Fish-Scale Formation
Eniko Réka, Fábián, Balázs, Ver?

Enamel Coating
Matthias Horber, Andy Cheng

A Heat Resistant Label Material and Its Application in High Temperature Processing
Huimin Yang

Problems and Answers Concerning Enamelled and Packed Heat Exchangers for Power Plants
Hans J. B. M Derksen

Improving of Covering Power of Titanium White Cover Coat by Controlling Bubble Structure
Hidekazu Onishi, Shangju Tsai

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Warping and Buckling in Enamelled Steel Parts
Filip Van den Abeele, Eric Hoferlin, Lode Duprez, Philippe Gousselot

Porcelain Enamelled Steel Sheets as Smart Collectors in the Electrospinning Process for the Production of Polymer Nanofibrous Mats for Biomedical Applications
A. Zucchelli, M. L. Focarete, C. Gualandi, A. Compagnoni, A. Chelli, R. Poletti

Development and Application of the Hot-rolled Sheet for Enameling At Ansteel
Wang Dongming, Zhang Wanshan, Dong Enshan, Liu Zhiwei, Liu Fenglian,
Guo Xiaohong, Zhang Xuping

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