23rd International Enamellers Congress Florence, May 24th-28th 2015

Milan 28.05.2015 – The 23rd International Enamellers Congress ended today, after transforming Florence in the international porcelain (vitreous) enamel hub for five days.

The key business and technology interests, represented by 250 delegates coming from 27 countries, gathered at Convitto della Calza Congress Center, where the scientific sessions took place, chaired by Professor PaoloGronchiPresident of Poliefun – Milan’s Politecnico University Association for the treatment of surfaces – and of the Technical and Scientific Committee. The Congress presented 26 lectures and constituted a forum for the update on latest product innovation and applied research.

The Congress registered significant participation in terms of the sectors represented, with a large majority being enamel users, closely followed by producers. Among enamel users, operators came from the world of architecture but especially from the home appliances sector, which is the premier market together with the water heaters sector. The porcelain enamelled boilers count for more than 95% of the water heaters produced in the world. In 2014, these sectors have generated about the 32% of the total annual consumption of enamel. “The contribution of these two sectors”, points out Silvano Pagliuca – Secretary General of I.E.I. – International Enamellers Institute and patron of the event – “is going to become more and more important in the next 5 years, thanks to the growth trends we showed during the Congress”.  

The Congress program included 4 events in the evenings and 11 visits: 7 plant tours and 4 visits to the most renowned motors companies in Italy. C.I.S.P. – Italian Porcelain Enamel Centre, organizer of the event, wanted its Congress in Florence to celebrate the double nature of enamel: the technical features and the aesthetic appeal. “Florence was not selected by chance”, explains Ivan Camorani – President of CISP, “the city was chosen because of its artistic and architectural renaissance heritage, in addition to being the center of the scientific development of that time. Organizing our event here” – continues Mr Camorani – “for us meant the will to create a legacy between the beauty of the city and that of the enamel as a coating, which for us is not only a component but also crucial element in the final product. A technological and advanced solution, porcelain (vitreous) enamel adds value in terms of environmental sustainability, safety and aesthetic development”.

The Congress Speakers were presented with an enamelled version of Michelangelo’s David, chosen as the official logo of the event. The art work was created from copper and hand painted with industrial enamel by the artist Orlando Sparaventi, guest of the Congress.

The Congress also hosted an artistic exhibition organized by the Association CKI – Creativ Kreis International. Sixty pieces of artwork and jewels, brought by 30 international artists, were exhibited in the Congress meeting room while practical workshops on jewelry enameling took place in the Cloister.

IEI and CISP give thanks the Congress Participants, the 17 sponsors and 14 exhibitors who made the 23rd International Enamellers Congress an event to remember.

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