23rd INTERNATIONAL ENAMELLERS CONGRESS – Florence/Milan Expo May, 24th – 28th, 2015


Effect of industrial process parameters on fishscale: Electrolux Italia experience
Renzo Valentini, Serena Corsinovi, Silvano Barabesi, Ruggero Zaccheroni.

New environmental friendly hot rolled steel suitable for two sides enamelling intended for the manufacture of silos and tanks
Philippe Gousselot, Ulrike Lorenz

Study of the architecture composite materials with enameling steel panels and honeycomb-aluminum
Xing Hanxue, Gu Jinfang, Jiang Weizhong

Enameling with reduced fractions of cobalt and nickel: Effect of surface roughness on enamel adhesion
S. Striepe, H. Bornhöft, J. Deubener

Effect of precipitations on hydrogen diffusivity coefficient and fishscale resistance of ultra-low carbon vanadium microalloyed steels
XU Chun, RAO Dehuai, SUN Quanshe

Foam Enamel- Matching up highest reactivity of foaming agents with the most suitable viscosity of enamel
J. Ryssel

Phosphate Type Enamel Frit for Aluminum
S. Kuwae, S. Yoshii, N. Iwata,K. Kariya

Research on Using Plasma Thermal Spraying Technology for Enameling
Liang Menglin, Chen Anming, Wang Haiyun, Zeng Dayan, Yin Yehao

Enamelling of steel, towards a more ecological and environmental friendly solution
M. Leveaux

Low fire enamels for new pre-primed steels
K. Sarrazy, A. Aronica, A. Leseur

Vitreous Enamels for Easy-to-Clean and Catalytic Coatings
L.L. Bragina, O.V. Shalygina, N.A. Kuryakin, N.M. Guzenko, V.I. Hudiakov, V.Z. Annenkov

Use of additive manufacturing processes for the production of glass-lined process equipment
Juergen Reinemuth, M. Sc. Mirko Langer

Giovanni Baldi, Andrea Cioni, Valentina Dami, Angelo Sole

HipoCIGS: enamelled steel as substrate for “thin film” solar cells
D. Jacobs, S. Efimenko, C. Schlegel

Characterization of innovative enamel with luminescent properties
S. Rossi, A. Quaranta, L. Tavella, A.M. Compagnoni

Decoration of enamelled surfaces based on inkjet technology
A. Sole, G. Lolli

Enamels for Use in High-Temperature-Applications
S. Honig, L. Lillpopp

World Major Household Appliances Demand and & Supplies and Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels usage
E. Cola, GS. Pagliuca

Modeling of Vitreous Porcelain Enamel Mechanical Properties
C. Baldwin, B. Potter, N. Carbo

Rapid solidification of frits
T. Leser, A. Gorsek, I. Anzel, N. Bozicek

Limits for Metals – Trace Elements or Poison?
J. Wendel

Food Contact materials in Europe: a challenge for the enamel industry
K. Lips, D. Jacobs, N. Nysse

Electrostatic enamel powder – the new generation, properties and results
C. Mugnaini, F. Bruni, F. Bruscoli, G Pasqualetti

Study on the enameling properties of cold-rolled sheet steels contained different alloyed elements

The Development of New Types of Glass Frits with Special Optical Properties for the Incorporation of Luminescent Materials
E. Voss, P. Motzek, U. Kynast


Latest Advances in Powder Porcelain Enamel Application and Booth Technology
A. de Veer, B. Allsop

Thickness control – Closer loop
M. Maffoni, A. Volontè

Flexibility, Productivity And Quality Improvements In Electrostatic Powder Enameling
C. Merengo, B. Duppenthaler, G. Ahrendt

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