Corrosion of Enamel for Chemical Industry by Neutral Water Medium

The  high chemical resistance  of Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel  convey  to enamelled ware, such as water heaters, food and pharmaceutical industries vessels and reactors, outstanding hygienic properties and no healthy risk features to make them very suitable for contact with food and water for human consumption.
The corrosion resistance of Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel and the very low release of glassy  matrix components have been studied from the theoretical and applicative point throughout the time and the main chemical reactions mechanism understood.
I.E.I. website is opening the  technical articles window “Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel Corrosion Resistance” with the article of prof. R. Lorentz: “Corrosion of Enamel for Chemical Industry by Neutral Water Medium”.
We would like to thank Dev for the copyright permission, Mr. Paul Zybell for the translation from German into English of the text and Dr. Darry Faust for  his advices for  improvement of the editing of the article.
Silvano Pagliuca

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