IEI welcomes JEA as a new member for 2015 onwards

The Japanese Enamel Association (previously Japanese Enamel General Association) decided to join IEI on occasion of the 23rd International Enamellers congress where they verified that their strategy is very close to that of all the other porcelain (vitreous) enamel associations around the world and very well supported by the IEI. Below is the first press release of JEA:

Introduction to Japan Enamel General Association
The Japan Enamel General Association (JEGA) operates to improve porcelain (vitreous) enamel products, production technology, quality and performance, and distribution and consumption. Our current activities are to provide “Safety Mark” to warrant enamel cookware’s safety and quality, hold technical forums, take measure to enhance the environmental conservation in the aspect of enamel production and to upgrade the standards of industrial enamel products and to broadly provide technical and commercial information.
Our association consists of twenty member companies, thirteen enamel products manufacturers and seven supporting companies. Although the enamel industry in Japan has shrunk by about 20% since 1990, new applications taking advantage of porcelain enamel’s properties are the focus of JEGA’s efforts. Participation in the International Enamellers Institute will assist in further development of Japan’s industry and markets.

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