Project and Design of the Porcelain Enamelled Steel Composites

Project and Design of the Porcelain Enamelled Steel Composites
by Silvano Pagliuca – I.E.I. Secretary General
The knowledge of mechanical and thermal properties of enamelling grade steel and of porcelain (vitreous) Enamels and the Stress-Strain analysis of vitreous-steel composite are the pillars for a correct designing of enamelled parts. Robustness of enamelled product throughout its in-use life requires that the design of the enamelled parts are developed according to specific rules and links aiming at reducing the stress / strain in the composites. The presentation “Project and Design of the Porcelain Enamelled Steel Composites“ was prepared by Silvano Pagliuca, I.E.I. Secretary General as a lesson to Italian Enamellers on behalf of C.I.S.P. – Centro Italiano Smalti Porcellanati and for disseminating porcelain enamel technical information to Italian students of Milano and Faenza Universities.

On October,11, 2011 this lesson was given by Silvano Pagliuca, IEI Secretary General at the Enamel School of Anadolu University, Eskisehir -Turkey in occasion of International Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain Enamel, Glaze and Pigment Congress –SERES11, organized by Turkish Ceramic Association and the Anadolu University.

This presentation could be available in power point version for all I.E.I.’s Affiliates Enamellers Associations upon request, if interested to disseminate this kind of technical information among their members in occasion of their national Congresses and technical trainings. The I.E.I.’ Secretary General, Silvano Pagliuca could be available to give the lesson, as well.

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