Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd.

Company Profile
Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and trading of cast iron/steel enamelled architectural panels. In this field, the company has more than 14 years of manufacturing experience. During the first decade, it was mainly focused on the export business, 80% of the production was exported to Europe and America.
In recent years, we started developing our business in the domestic market and we succeeded building many enamel steel plate projects, such as the Beijing Metro Line 10th (it is a branch line for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games), Beijing Metro Line 5th, Beijing Metro Line 4th, the Shenzhen Metro, Automatic ticket dispensing system for the train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, the Guangzhou Carton Start Town, the Tianjin Metro, an American construction project as well as some large and major city construction projects in Zhangjiagang City, Hengyang City, Wenzhou City, Changning City and Jinan City in China.
Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd has 3 factories and 2 trading companies. The factories are:

  1. Desheng Enamel Development (Foshan) Company Ltd, which mainly produces cast iron enamel products.
  2. Foshan Welltop Hardware Electronic Company Ltd, which makes enamel steel plate products, GGH enamel heat transfer components for desulfurizing installation applied in electric power stations as well as in environmental protection products.
  3. Vea Metal Product Company Ltd (“Vea”) manufactures enamel steel plates, including the protecting enamelled steel panels for metro tunnels, indoor and outdoor decorated enamel panels and for public infrastructure installations such as bus stops, station houses, newspaper stands and so on.

The decoration project for the Beijing Metro 2008 Olympic Games branch line was made by Vea. Its well publicized spectacular blue and white enamelled steel panel appearance was achieved by means of using high quality materials and superior production know how, that typically meets the most demanding standards of developed countries.

Zhang Litao, male, was born in April 14, 1963, graduated from South China University of Technology in 1984, worked in the China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) in 1984 -1993, assumed assistant engineer, engineer, technical inspector general and so on. He established De Sheng Enamel Development (Foshan) Company Ltd in 1993. After a period of ten years, he founded Foshan Welltop Hardware Electronic Company Ltd., Vea Metal Products Company Ltd, Wellhope Trading Company (in Hong Kong), Guangzhou SKL Company Ltd.

President Zhang is committed to innovation and company / product renewal, to meet the demands of the development of the whole market economy. He also focuses on continuing entrepreneurship throughout the company, ongoing systems, structures and processes reformation as well as ongoing technical innovation. His was responsible for signing an agreement for long-term production, teaching and research cooperation with the Dong Hua University Enamelware Institute and Chongqing Silicate Research Institute, providing warranties in relation to quality and research of products.

Major products and their application
Public installations can be decorated with enamelled steel panels in a wide range of applications such as enamel steel panels protecting Metro/Tunnel, GGH enamel heat transfer (exchangers?) components, air pre-heater enamel transfer exchangers components, a large variety of cast iron pots, grillers, baking sheets, tappasaki, gas stoves, enamel panels, enamel cookers, water tanks, filters and so on.

Manufacturing and Product Development Processes

The major equipment that our Company has includes sequence suspended type tunnel ovens, sequence drum-type tunnel ovens, muffle furnaces, shot-blasting machines, plate shears, bending machines and plate bending rolls. Additionally, we own the largest production line for enamel steel plates in mainland China. It is able to produce an enamel steel plate with the size 3000×1500 mm). To strengthen the company, prepare for future growth and improve the manufacturing equipment, we have bought 26,000 square meters of land in Gaoming City. The enamel production Plant, in which were invested US$1,300,000 at the initial phase, has been completed and put into production. It includes a world class radiant tube suspended automatic production line 100 meters long, which has a capacity of 50 tons enamel steel plate daily, automatic suspended electric oven production line for the architectural steel plate and the special device required to produce the GGH enamel heat exchangers component for desulfurizing installation used in electric power stations.
We established a comprehensive quality assurance system, approved by: ISO 9001, 2000 qualification system and by ISO14001 and the 2004 environmental management system. In terms of scientific research and development methods and inspection/testing processes, we have invested in an extremely well equipped laboratory and test apparata being used for enamel research and the testing of for the physical and chemical properties of products. All of the products are made strictly as per the relative international standards and national standards, such as GGH is in the light of national standard GB13481—92, GB/T13485—92, QB/T1855—93 and the U.S. ABB standard to control the production and the test and inspection. In particular cases, products will be inspected and tested according to customers’ indicated and specified standards.
We have entered into Technical Services Agreements with Donghua University Vitreous Glaze Research Institute, Chongqing Silicate Research Institute and Central South University. These relationships provide the powerful guarantee to our product quality and technical development. Additionally, they help equip our enterprise meet world class standards for the production and manufacturing techniques of enamel.
Consistent with these standards, we conduct strict production control and employee technical training programs.

Our Technical Resources, Capability and their Development
We attach great importance to training and development of our technical personnel and retaining our best people. Among more than 600 employees, there are nearly 80 mechanical/enamel technical engineers and we also have a bridle-wise enamel production and professional installation team. We carry out our research and development with National Vitreous Glaze Research Institute and have made encouraging co-operative achievements. We possess strong production and technology development ability to manufacture enamel steel plate product. We’ve gathered rich experience for more than a decade. With our unyielding quality focus, we never lose sight of our pursuit of being the best company in our field.

Company Honors Awarded
Examples of company related honors received are:
“Executive director of China Enamel Industry Association”
“The 21st (Shanghai) International enamel co-organized by the General Assembly”
“Outstanding Enterprises of China Enamel Industry”
“High-tech Enterprise”
“Enamel Technology Research and Development Centers of Foshan City”
“Innovation-oriented Enterprises”
“Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness”

Product Honors Awarded
Examples of product related honors received are:
<Outstanding Project Award of Research Achievements Transaction>
<New Technology and Products Promotion Certificate>
<Certificate of Promotion Project of Construction Scientific”
<Green Building Material Products>
<Chinese Enamel Industry Brand Products>

Technological Process

Advantages of products

Our products have outstanding characteristics such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, moreover they are fireproof, non toxic, rich in colour, more than 30-years of lifespan during which they preserve their properties including easy cleaning and easy maintenance.

Enterprise Development – Future Plans
Our market research demonstrated that there will be a rapid technical development in the architecture and consumption of enamel with an increasing variety and application of enamelware, technically and from the perspective of the end user. In recent years, environmental, durable and fashionable enamelware has been sought by more and more consumers.
Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd manufactures over 400 tons of enamelware every month, an annual output value of US$15 million. Up to now, our business was mainly export oriented eg 80% of products have been exported to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and other countries. However, trends show an increasing rapid growth of the domestic market in the last two years. We expect both export and domestic markets to grow strongly in future years.

Our Future Mission is: to guide the improvement of the metallic surface inorganic protection industry, push forward city environmental style its beauty, enhance the esthetic attractiveness of development projects and improve the quality of human household life.

Our Future Development Strategy and Goals are: to achieve sales growth of 10 fold within three years. By 2011, our annual output value is expected to have reached US$150 million, with underlying the annual sales volumes reaching US$130 million.

Relationship With China Enamelware Industry Association (“CEIA”)
Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd is a strategic partner in the China Enamelware Industry Association. We were the co-organizer of The 21st (Shanghai) International Enamelware congress. For many years now, the DS company has kept a very close and meaningful relationship with CEIA by actively participating in various activities, meetings and forums organized by the association as well as seeking to make outstanding contributions in the areas of communication, cooperation, information and sharing of resources.

Photogallery of Products

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