The second China International Exhibition on new technology, new materials and new equipment for enamel industry

This is a past event.

1. Agenda and contents of the conference            
December 07: Delegates sign in and exhibitors arrange booths
December 08: full day meeting, 1. Industry Report 2. papers exchange 3. exhibition 

1. Segmen Hotel            
Guangdong Foshan Classical Plaza Hotel, Foshan, Nanhai District, Dan Gui Road, Le An Road            
Hotel Website:            
Hotel contact: Xuan Yun Qi manager 0086-13535837933            
Room price: 2 single beds room and 1 double bed room are ¥338 / room / night.

3. Conference expenses (excluding accommodation)            
Before November 10, 2018: Membership unit ¥1300 / person
Non-member unit ¥1800 / person            
After November 10, 2018: Membership unit is ¥1400 / person
Non- member unit ¥1900 / person

4. Payment method            
Please remit the “meeting fee” to the association account and send the remittance certificate to the association’s mailbox.
Association account information:            
Account Name: China Enamelware Industry Association 
Address: Rm,227 No. 6 East Chang An Street, BEIJING 100740,CHINA
Bank account: 11-191201040000344   
Swift code?ABOCCNBJ010   
Name of the bank: Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Chang An Branch.
December 09: full day meeting, 1, thesis exchange 2, exhibition 3, dinner            
December 10: conference ends, delegates return

5. Conference contacts            
Zhang Ming:  Moble: 0086-13802188828, mailbox:            
Jiang Weizhong:  Moble: 0086-18917376022, mailbox:          
Association mailbox:

6. Collection of papers            
Content of the paper: Papers on new technology, new technology, new materials, new equipment and chemical materials, metal materials, technical standards and Market Research of the enamel industry are all available. Applied papers are welcome. The association will issue certificates for enterprises and authors who exchange papers and publish them in industry journals. Each paper will be exchanged for 30 minutes. Please submit the speaker’s name and title of the paper to the Secretariat of China Enamel Industry Association by October 30, 2018. (Chinese or English version)

7. Exhibition in the conference            
There will be 29 booths in A and B. Each booth has a background panel, a booth and a seat. The size of the background panel in A is 2.4 meters (long) x2.2 meters (high), and the size of the background panel in B is 2.4 meters (long) x2.6 meters (high). (see exhibition area sketch) booth price: ¥6000 per booth in area A and ¥8000 per booth in area B; each booth includes advertising and printing fee of background exhibition board enterprises and 2 working lunches per day during the exhibition period from December 08 to 09.

Enamel related technique, technology, equipment, frits, chemical materials, metal materials are welcome to participate in the exhibition.
China Enamel Industry Association
August,15, 2018

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